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How to buy expensive design

January 11, 2011

Design can often be a very expensive commodity. The return on investment is difficult to analyse and therefore justify. The solution is not to buy cheaper, or not at all but to practice far more discipline in project management.

If you don’t define your aims for a project, creatives will need to pitch drastically diverse options. When you deliberate endlessly, the meter will be running on your agencies ‘top rate’ as they generate more alternative solutions. If you change your mind at the last minute all of the time sensitive activities (proof reading, high resolution image work, artworking etc.) will need repeating. This is when design becomes highly expensive.

So instead of opting for a cheaper alternative, commit to making your ‘design process’ more cost effective. Firstly, make sure the creative approach meets your main objective. Then close the door behind you. Continue to close doors as you progress through the stages of development. Without committing, launching and listening to the response you will never know how good any solution really is.

With design, you get what you pay for. Good work takes time and costs money, but focused decision making can make it far more cost effective.

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