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Theodor Geisel, Jack White and the box

January 11, 2011

“Thinking outside the box” is not just Britain’s most despised piece of business jargon, it’s often the antithesis of creativity.

Theodor Seuss Geisel otherwise known as Dr. Seuss forged a place in children’s’ literature history with The Cat in the Hat, which used 225 words. Bennett Cerf, Dr. Seuss’s publisher, wagered $50 that Seuss could not write a book using less than that. Seuss wrote ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ with only fifty different words. The book consistently ranks in the top of all-time best selling children’s books.

When questioned about why The White Stripes remain true to their original concept. The two piece blues set, the black, white and red, the number three. Jack says, “10 years later, I think my god, I’m tired of working in this same box, but I force myself to do it because I know something good can come out of it. Deadlines and things make you creative.”

The current economic recession is focusing clients and designers of all disciplines to make more with less. Creativity is rarely the product of open briefs and endless budgets. Push the boundaries. Work inside the box, within the rules and if there are no rules, make some up.

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