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Authenticity is the green you can’t buy

January 17, 2011

‘Green’ has been the business buzz-word for the last few years but authenticity is quickly becoming the new branding zeitgeist.

No sooner are we told that global warming would dictate a new way for companies to operate, skeptics spread doubt and confusion. Once the recession hit, green values faded and consumers opted for what they could afford. Maybe the waves of green washing did little to help the promotion of ethical companies, but authenticity it seems is a lot harder to buy or indeed fake.

We all understand that most companies exist to make a profit. What we hope for is some deeper principle that lies beneath the exchange. Something that we can relate to, trust, believe in. Transparency is no longer a choice but a fact of modern commercial practice.

Authenticity takes time to establish, a companies true worth needs testing and today everyone has an opinion and a platform. Major companies have opted for advertising that reminds us of their longevity, they mark their place in our history in the hope that reminiscence will foster respect.

For younger companies authenticity will be a measure of their ongoing behaviour, their reputation and their ability to consistently deliver their promise.

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