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Design presentations – fruit before the fries

February 11, 2011

It has been suggested than in school cafeterias, the fruit selection be better presented or better placed, as children will often pick what they see first. This concept is based on introducing a ‘pause point’ encouraging consideration before making a decision out of habit.

Similarly, when showing design work, creatives are often quick to launch into a visually mesmerising presentation without verbally explaining what they have done. It’s like they’re shoving chips and cake in your face before you’ve considered the value of what you’re about to consume. Once visually indulged a client may be less inclined to request the underlying creative theory and justification, if there is any.

If an idea can be described simply, without bedazzling flamboyant presentation, and still generate excitement, it will add to its value in the real world, aiding its potential for spread. So ask your creative to explain their proposals verbally first and together you can agree a solid lens through which you can view their visual presentation.

Most recently it’s been claimed that healthy eating can make you’re kids smarter. So ask for some theory, some justification, make sure you’re satisfied with ‘why?’, long before the tasty pictures come out.

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