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Creative project parenting

March 17, 2011

Creative projects are needy, vulnerable and demanding. Like an infant you bring into the world; nurtured, developed and shaped by your decisions.

Taking cues from Laurence Steinberg’s guidance for successful parenting, I ponder a creative projects need for guardianship.

Make the rules clear from the beginning

Rules need to be agreed with everyone involved in the projects upbringing. If rules of ‘behaviour’ vary from day to day or are intermittent then your project will misbehave. The essential tool for nurture is consistency.

Love your project with all of your heart

Just as Steinberg states ‘you cannot spoil a child with love’, a creative project takes all of your heart. Sacrificing your own ambition at times and rearranging priorities. Also, understanding that lowering expectations of what we want from our project and spending money instead of time are things we do ‘in place’ of love.

Take ownership, embrace responsibility

Most importantly understanding that how a project matures is up to you. Too many ‘project parents’ abandon their creations, foster them out to those who have less concern for their welfare. Take responsibility, give your projects love and respect, time and energy and they will reward you with equal measure.

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