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100 ways to be creative

April 15, 2011

There are an infinite number of ways to encourage and sustain creativity but only one of them really matters.

As a writer of a creativity blog I’ve felt that nagging urge to write ‘list posts’, dishing out bite-size chunks of wisdom, simplifying creative practice to a stepped process. But the simple matter is, there is one way to be creative and that is to create. There is much advice regarding general healthy behaviour, positive thinking and good practice much of which has already been regurgitated here. But it really just avoids the act.

If you want to be a writer – write, every day every moment you can spare, and when your not writing read what others have written, then write some more. Artists too, need to draw, with brush or pencil, knife or chisel, pixel or pen, every single day.

You can spend many a waking hour pouring over 100 or more ways to be creative but there is one simple truth. Whilst you are wondering how to be creative you are not creating.

In response to an aspiring artists request for advice HR Giger wrote at the end of a very long and detailed response “Stop aspiring and start doing”.

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  1. April 20, 2011 1:01 pm

    Thanks for posting this. (I came across a similar direction in a book I’ve been reading on creativity was reminded of it.) Your post also made me stop procrastinating with displacement activities and just get to writing – thank you!

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